My Theory of Love

LOVE a fluid intangible experience. It could be a noun or a verb an act or a choice. But when you choose, you have to act on it. Love is not to be simplified as an emotion you label when you try to understand the physiological reactions that go along with it. You decide that what you think you feel is indeed love. Yet, despite being highly cognitive in nature, it is awfully irrational. You dont choose to love for reasons you are certain of, or even otherwise. When asked why you love, can you really give the specifics? If you lose the reason, would you cease to love?

It is intangible and yet it is sensual you feel it affecting all of your senses. But despite this sensuality, you cant actually quantify it, making it immeasurable. Therefore, you cannot tell how much or how little you love.  In the same manner that it is immeasurable, it might as well be incomparable. You do not love two different people or two different things similarly. But it doesnt mean that one is greater than the other either.

When you love, it is always a new experience. You will never love the same way twice. So make the most out of it. No matter how difficult and painful, should you choose to love, stick to it. If you believe you love and decide to do so, keep it despite having no clear reason — because love transcends rational emotion. After all, God is love.


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