The One

Although I have argued time and again that love is immeasurable, and therefore, is incomparable, I also know that subjectively, we do measure and compare. And in doing so, we realize that there is someone who makes the cut above the rest — someone who ceases to be just a name and a face, who stands out from the crowd. We all have met this person, at some point in our lives. This someone could be our greatest love..or sadly, our greatest regret. This person will stubbornly persist despite our frantic efforts to push them away. Suddenly, he/she isn’t just somebody..this someone becomes THE ONE.

And how do you know if he/she is THE ONE? You can never compare unless you have had a basis of comparison. So unless he/she hasn’t passed yet, perhaps it would be more difficult to assess who he/she is. This could probably be the reason why we can’t seem to be satisfied with what we already have. If THE ONE has passed, his/her presence lingers and haunts the present. If you are currently with someone, there is this nagging doubt you sometimes feel — the question of whether whoever is with us right now is for keeps.

Is he/she THE ONE? We can never tell for sure. Who is THE ONE? I believe the answer lies in whether you decide to make someone be THE ONE. A friend told me that if you truly choose to love someone, you must have the WILL to love this person no matter what because love transcends all barriers. Once you will yourself to love that person, you will continue to love him/her despite losing the feeling, and having no clear reason. What do they matter when your love is real? Until that time comes, until you will to love somebody, you might never get to recognize THE ONE. So if you have him/her now, keep and nurture this love. If he/she has passed and let go, pray for discernment and learn. But if you feel that THE ONE is yet to come, be patient and prepare yourself while waiting. The universe conspires to help you fulfill your destiny.


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