So Much for Happy Endings

I do not believe in happy endings. The basic premise for an ending is a cessation, or a halt to an existing event. If this is the case, then isn’t it logical to surmise that the only ending we will ever have is death? (Not taking into account the Christian concept of after-life or other religion’s reincarnation, for this matter.) Should this be the case, then how can anyone be consciously aware of the appropriate adjective for their endings?

No one can ever know for sure their time of death, no matter what the medical circumstances are. It just happens and we usually cannot prepare for it as much as we hope we could. Then, in reality, we can never really satisfactorily judge if we lived a full life. Other people may be able to do this for us but we can never tell ourselves how we face our own endings.

This is not to say that we all live a tragic life. All I am proposing is that we cannot place any adjective to describe an ending because as long as we live, it never really ends at all. Even fairy tales have sequels now..and they supposedly all end happily.

This actually gives me hope, unlike Nietzsche’s concept of eternal return, in Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being, where he posits that the universe has been recurring and will continue to recur in a self-similar form in an infinite number of times. If we accept this truth, then, we also have to live a hopeless existence. It follows that no matter how hard we try to improve our existence, we are bound to fail an infinite number of times because the universe will conspire to make it so, just as it has always been doing. Yet, to have faith that endings only come in our deaths, gives us a chance to redeem ourselves no matter how bad the situation is.

In this cycle, things could really go from bad to worse. But as soon as we hit rock bottom, there is nowhere else to go but back to being better. So nothing ever really ends, and nothing is ever really wasted. We could only strive to stay a little longer in the places we deem good, before falling down on our knees again. And we could only work harder to get out of the rut we find our selves in, to get to that better place in this wheel.

Happy endings do not exist; nor tragic ones. I suppose, we should all just focus instead on living the most out of life.


3 thoughts on “So Much for Happy Endings

  1. Marlon Jr. says:

    nice blog, mas magandang basahin ang mga ganyang pag-iisip, hehe, kailangan ko muling hasain ang aking reading and comprehension, nyehe 😉

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