Striving for Mediocrity

Aim for the sky so you get to fall on the roof is a sick thought. Why aim for the sky in the first place when your mindset is failure to achieve this?

Striving for excellence is crap in my personal opinion. It is bullshit because not only does it entail continuous effort, but it also implies that you are setting yourself up for a life of discontent. Excellence appears to be a perpetual dissatisfaction with the present state of things. In excellence, there is no constant best — you have to keep raising the bar. What is the point of simply achieving your goal if everybody else is able to do it? You have to raise it  a notch higher before it can be considered exemplary.

For example, you want to reach perfection, or a hundred percent, for that matter. When you get to achieve this, and be able to maintain it over a period of time, you reach a plateau; then you begin to wonder if there is still room for improvement. After all, nothing is impossible. So you start raising it to a hundred and five and gradually increase it to increments of five over a certain number of period. How will you put an end to this? When you fail? I suppose when this happens, you would only revert back to the previous level and when the plateau hits you, you raise it again. What if you don’t fail and succeed? It will never stop.

In contrast, a mediocre life may be oh-so-boring but relatively more manageable. Routines are comforting until you get bored to death, enough to change it. When this happens, you can simply break it and be flexible enough to try something else. The difference is there is no pressure in mediocrity to raise the bar perpetually. Everything you set out to achieve yourself, as long as it is not in the level of extraordinary, is mediocre. And what’s better is that you can freely go back to where you started without having the stigma of failure, unlike those who strive for excellence.

And in the metaphor of the sky and the roof, as I often say, no matter which roof you land on, after aiming for the sky and failing, aiming for the roof is a limited space. While aiming for the roof and failing causing you to fall in your butt smack down on land, is vast. After all, no roof is ever going to be bigger than the land we walk on.


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