A Practical Lesson

Once in a great while you get to meet someone who changes your life. You may never even have asked for it but your life screeches to a sudden halt, pauses for what seems like an eternity and crashes everything you once believed in. The funny thing is, you fail to recognize this until that someone leaves.  And for all we know, that may be the only purpose they have for touching our lives — to radically move us.

Sometimes they break us into a million pieces so we could reconstruct ourselves into someone better, someone stronger or more indestructible. At times, they polish us so well that we get to find ourselves shining proudly with the new found confidence we never thought we had.  Other times, they pull us up or even give us wings to soar to new heights we never dreamed was possible.  Still others drag us down to the depths of an abyss, leaving us breathless, or worse, the thought of an imminent death, only to be resurrected and given new life.

So what have we to do? The best I suppose, is to live life anew.  After all, we ought to grab every opportunity we get to turn over a new leaf. Nothing is ever really wasted. And although we cannot help being too late, there’s no such thing as being too early.

Life is what we make it. So is destiny. So we should stop asking ourselves why certain people have to enter our lives only to leave us behind. What’s been done is done. Maybe it’s for the best. For all its worth, remember that the only thing that’s certain and permanent aside from death is change. Say goodbye to yesterday and welcome today with the hope of a better tomorrow.

(..original entry was august 2007. )


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