Who’s to Say?

Too many choices are as good as having none. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this world that does not provide us with options. There is no such thing as “having no choice.” Every single thing has an anti-thing. Black or white, do or die. We are not left with what is. We are always caught in situations that demand a decision. Sadly, this has always been difficult.

Oftentimes, we wonder what we are to do with our very lives. Yet, most of us die without even finding out the answer, or even if we do, fate teases us and changes the question. That no matter what we do, we will never be satisfied. Knowing that there is no guarantee that our choice is the best choice, we fancy ourselves in doubt..”what if..?”

Ah, choices people make. God’s plan for each of us is plain and simple: salvation and redemption. How the hell are we gonna figure out the way is up to us. Accepting this plan is still dependent on our choice. Free will indeed is the most wonderful gift! And making the most out of it is probably the very worth of living this life.

(updated from June 22, 2008)


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