Vocabulary Lessons

I have this weird habit of looking up words in the dictionary out of the blue. Sometimes, I get fascinated by new words with difficult spelling or pronunciation. Other times, i just browse for the heck of it. A while ago, i decided to find out what regret means. It was defined by Webster as, ” deep sorrow caused by something beyond one’s power to remedy.”  I was amazed at the accuracy of its description. That is the very essence of regret — you cannot do anything about it, which makes you feel worse.

Another term that came up was lie. It said it refers to “an untrue statement made with intent to deceive.” So no matter how the purest of intentions you may have for withholding from anybody the valuable truth, it will never be up to any good. For deception will never be acceptable and will never make things any better.

..lifted from 2006.


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