The Break and Repair Method

This is actually a band’s name that struck me as I was browsing through a radio station’s countdown of its own version of the hottest songs in town. I have yet to listen to their music if they are as catchy as their band name sounds. But what I want to blab about is the essence of a break and repair method.

We all get to the point of breaking down..or breaking up..or just simply breaking. And of course we hope for the miracle that one day, we will be repaired — under miraculous circumstances or even under a painstaking metamorphosis of sorts. And we wait..and wait..and still we wait. Sometimes, time alone repairs us. But there are times when even a lifetime doesn’t seem enough to put us back together, the way we were, prior to being broken. What then..should we stop waiting and let go of the littlest hope we desperately hold on to?

Of course not. Miracles are within reach. That’s what hoping is for.. we all hope for a miracle to transform our boring little lives into something more worthwhile. And yet, what we fail to realize is that the reason why we never get to be repaired is we sabotage our own redemption by breaking ourselves even further. We break and repair ourselves. No one can break us if we don’t allow them to. This rings true for a handyman — no one can repair us if we continue to break ourselves apart.

Wake up, wake up. Blow out the candles and step out. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow you thought will never come. History starts now.

(repost 12.28.08)


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