False Bravado

No man is ever brave unless he acknowledges he is fearful. Fear, according to Aeschylus, subverts confidence, distorts perceptions, interferes with performance, lames resolve and creates obstacles and monsters that do not exist. It is crippling and paralyzes people as it continually feeds on our ignorance – things that are unbeknown to us.

So perhaps ignorance isn’t bliss; how will we enjoy something we do not know? Ordinary life is full of chances and inevitability: like grief, illness, disappointment, poverty, pain, struggle, loss and heartache — all of them common features of everyday human existence.  Merely living life on a daily basis evokes more extraordinary courage than any combat or adventure.We all need to be brave enough to meet the new and accept the different in the brief and ordinary chances of experiences.

So it isn’t bravery when you are able to accomplish a dangerous feat if you weren’t even scared of the idea. You are more courageous when, despite you fears and insecurities, you manage to pull through a seemingly insurmountable obstacle (in your own perception). Victorious or defeated, we all come out triumphant when we drop the act of holding it all together and letting things run its course despite our resistance.

Heroes are not born with superhuman abilities. They are just ordinary beings facing life challenges and difficulties despite their lack of faith and countless insecurities.


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