Unsolicited Advice

What does it take to make someone love you? If I knew the answer then I wouldn’t be so lonely and miserable now, wouldn’t I? =) I’m half-kidding!

I suppose this is the source of all of a lover’s miseries. Why can’t the object of my affection just love me, no matter how much I love him/her? Therein lies the irony that the greater the amount of emotions you have for this person is the same amount of frustration and disappointment you’ll get back if unrequited. But which is worse? Knowing that the person you love doesn’t love you back, or knowing you love each other but for some strange reasons, couldn’t be together? Now that is another sad, sad thing. Who’s to say if you’re really better off as friends? If you do enjoy each other’s company, find yourselves amused at how much in common you have, and have fits of seemingly endless conversations, then what’s stopping you from taking the notch higher? Is it because you’re unsure of your feelings? But feelings change so fast! It will never be a solid basis for anything. I mean, sure, you have to consider what you feel for this person, but I’m sure as there is heaven and hell that it will change.

What then should you consider? I admit, that not all questions have logical answers. Science may have to work on finding plausible explanations for everyday phenomena like wishing on stars, or raising a child, or falling in love. For now though, we have to content ourseleves with our own accountability for the decisions we will take and make. And for this reason, we should not take too much time making up our minds whether to take the risk or not. Change and time are accomplices in making your life one hell of a ride. Winning isn’t everything it seems to be. Every experience is a lesson waiting to be learned.

Go ahead, just love. 😉

(repost from August 2008)


5 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice

  1. Jo says:


    That’s the right thing to do because there is really no guarantee for the future. Just enjoy the ride and hope for the best….


  2. seastarsmoon says:

    hi.. certainly agree with “feelings change”.. it does – no matter how you try to make it stay with you for good.
    nice articulation..

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