Amidst the chaotic ensemble of natural and man-made circumstances, what is essential remains to be nothingness. Nothingness is an essential part of Sartre’s proposition in his existential view of man as he attempts to articulate and explain man’s freedom.  What is peculiar about his explanation is that of man’s ability to transcend what is.

It is through the awareness that we are nothing that defines and limits our freedom. The essence of our being is defined by the subjectivity of our perceptions, and yet, these perceptions presents us with limitless possibilities. This explains why each one of us seems to have a sense of curiosity to explore and discover what is out there in the unknown.

They say that to have a meaningful life, we must be able to live it purposefully. Herein lies the problem: how do we define the purposes of our lives? Conversely, how do our purposes define our lives?


2 thoughts on “Nothingness

  1. cat says:


    Here are my thoughts on it:

    Man creates out of need. Hence, to man, purpose preceeds existence. Pens, mugs, tables, they were first conceived as needs before they were made. No matter how many stupid inventions now exist, they were all created with a purpose. That is not the case for man because we did not create ourselves. God did not create man out of purpose or need, or at least that’s what we know – we are made out of love.

    Perhaps we can only define our purpose by living one. (Or by asking God and figuring how we can get His answer.)

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