Just Friends

Can a boy and a girl be ‘just friends’? This has been bothering me for quite sometime now. And despite the research, studies, and numerous surveys I have conducted, I still haven’t found the answer.

Sure, there would be a number of you who could attest that you are just friends..and for a number of years, at that. Yet, I would like to argue about the intimacy you have shared. How ‘close’ are you? I am talking about “close friends” here. Not buddies, nor “best friends” that you actually only get to see or spend time with once every so often. And how can you really tell?

Isn’t it that, at some point, one falls for the other? Sometimes, even both. Although, it may not necessarily happen at the same time. It’s the almost perfect set-up: you get along well, spend a considerable time with each other exclusively and seem to share a lot in common. Does it end there? You decide.

You could decide that your friendship is way better than a romantic relationship and stay at that. Despite the nagging feelings, despite the countless ‘what if’s’..you ignore..repress these thoughts that could jeopardize a seemingly ‘perfect’ relationship. What if things don’t work out either? You might lose everything just by taking the risk of taking one step further..in the romantic relationship department.

Or then again, you could decide to entertain these thoughts and give yourself a chance. They say, the best relationships start out as friendships. So what makes yours an exception? You practically grew up together, shared both good and bad times, been there for each other. Who knows, you might be “made for each other”?

So the question still remains unanswered. Are you just friends? I say, it’s all up to you.

(repost from 2006.)


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