“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

~ Robert McCloskey

Interesting that when you try to look up for confusion as the tag word in an online search engine, a lot would come up without really defining what it is.  What comes close would be a description of the state of confusion–as a failure to distinguish between two things. Confusion could arise from a simple non-distinction between a set of colors, such as red and orange; to as grave as truth and lie. And when the latter happens, we often find a case of psychological malfunction somewhere in this circumstance.

But isn’t it normal to not know what you want from what you already have? We may be able to list a lot of things that we wish we have and yet be at a loss for words when asked to enumerate what we already have. It is always that gap, that non-existing anything that we are preoccupied with, that sometimes creates a cloud of doubt, a shadow of envy, that prompts us to look the other way, all the time. Why can’t we just face the mirror and look at ourselves straight into our eyes? Admission is key. Acceptance isn’t going to be far behind.

So to cast a shadow of disbelief, creates illusions that we will never be able to know what we truly want. We can only surmise that we will not discover what our lives are meant for if we are too busy searching for the answer, and fail to live the life we ought to have lived. Confusion is a wake up call. Dreams can be realities, if we want them to.


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