Being Somebody

There are so many things I would’ve told you..

So many places I have been through..

But I lost the words, the places and empty faces.

They’re all scattered into the outer spaces

Of an infinite conundrum to which I have no answer.

Do you recall the moment I remembered?

Of course you don’t, silly! You were too busy

Looking around, mesmerized by the sights and sounds

Of the things that go in and out of your head.

Which made me feel a stab in the gut, that I have been

Trying to drown with the thought that: the mind is

Over I can overcome anything I need to endure.

But sometimes I feel like I could use somebody

To make things a little more alright,

It’s not any easier tonight. I could be that somebody, too.

If you only knew. If you wanted to.

Anybody can be nobody, and everybody is as good as nobody.

I only wish to be somebody. To have my own somebody.


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