I came across the term time sensitive as I was killing more time and randomly searching for things that pop in my head like the words: lightyears, universe, milky way, and the like. I figured most of my posts on this blog are time bound. Is there really such a thing as timeless? The only thing I could ever think of that will fit the bill is the concept of change. Confusingly enough, since people claim that the only permanent thing is change, how is this possible? The concept of permanence and the rules of time seemingly bend to the notion of the concept of change. How can something be permanent and timeless when it keeps on changing?

Before I lose my mind to this confusion, the obvious answer would be beyond the rhetoric, that is, change as a concept in itself. But isn’t it that when we speak of change, as a concept, it should likewise be, in essence, its practical definition. Nevertheless, I have come to realize that most of the things in this world are time sensitive — we cannot help but adapt to the ever unpredictable circumstances we constantly find ourselves in; more popularly known as life is a constant change. And the only comfort I know, is my personal faith that nothing is ever really impossible, and this includes that one day, change will be nothing but a word.


5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. kampi says:

    i can so relate to this post right now. i have always denied the ephemerality, if ever there’s such a word, of things and end up on the losing end. not being too emotional about it, but i guess that is part of reality. oh well, let’s just enjoy the day. hahaha!!!

    • sang says: nose bleed-an ang labanan. 9am pa lang. hahaha. let’s just enjoy the MOMENTs, no matter how ephemeral. =)

      • kampi says:

        o di ba? minsan lang to. hahaha! may brain movement na this early in the morning. yep. we just have to enjoy the MOMENTs kasi hindi na siya mauulit pa. ever! hahaha!!!

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