Words Get in the Way

I used to like this song when I was in fourth grade and was recently reminded of it when my mom sang it in karaoke (Happy Mami’s Day, btw!). And it struck me how it rings so much truth: “Words get in the way, there’s so much I want to say, but its locked deep inside..,” and let’s end it here. It is a metaphor but it feels the way it is. This is similar to the allegory of having the words at the tip of your tongue. The words seem to be there but, for some reason, couldn’t quite come out the way you would have wanted them to.

It is such an irony that people come up with new words to describe the feelings, sensations and experiences, and still we seem to lack so many words to ever accurately describe the actual feelings, sensations and experiences. Silence can be comforting, but it can conversely be confusing. Perhaps it says so much more than any paragraph can conjure. But it can equally be confusing because even if action speaks louder than words, they can never take the place of hearing the words out loud. And at times, really, words just get in the way; for even if you say a lot but do not do anything about it, it means nothing.

I hope that everybody just lives up to their word: mean what you say and say what you mean. 🙂


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