Happiness Bank

In a world where everyone seems to be dazed and confused, it pays to be lucid and focused on things that matter most to make life worth living.

I hope more people help me save up on my sanity and well-being. 🙂

  • stargazing on a clear summer sky (with lots of shooting stars)
  • long walks with someone really special
  • interesting and intimate conversations
  • cuddling up in bed on a cold rainy day
  • discovering new places
  • having a poem or song written for me
  • sleeping in on a weekend (or whenever time permits)
  • singing my heart out when i feel like it (hahaha)
  • getting soaked in the rain (lmfao.. :)) )
  • long hours of telephone conversations
  • sitting/lying side by side with someone i really like in silence
  • going to churches and saying my prayers
  • sms, notes, emails that inspire or make me smile/laugh
  • thought provoking questions
  • unsolved mysteries
  • making someone else happy
  • just hanging around doing nothing
  • having someone to listen to me without judgment
  • good old happy memories
  • listening to good music
  • someone to take care of and will take care of me too (awww…hahahaha. so not me!)
  • trying something new
  • going on nature trips and adventures
  • writing anything and everything..or blogging
  • recieving sincere compliments
  • giving everything i’ve got
  • learning new and valuable things
  • keeping in touch with family and friends
  • getting freebies out of anything and nothing
  • sweating it out while having a good laugh
  • helping people become their better selves
  • going out with good company
  • all the good sweet stuff, especially dark chocolate
  • reading a really creative composition
  • photographs that evoke powerful emotions
  • meeting new and interesting people
  • shopping or a trip to the mall by myself
  • a cup of good coffee or chai tea latte
  • great smelling cologne or perfume
  • slow dancing in a deserted room
  • spending time alone to just think
  • receiving little tokens of thoughtfulness
  • realizing that I am blessed
  • finding solutions to difficult problems
  • formulating my own theories from testing hypotheses
  • knowing my personal limitations
  • being drenched in sweat after a tedious physical activity (hehe)
  • being a little more adventurous than usual
  • discovering new places to hangout
  • free wifi when i have my laptop
  • big white stargazers..
  • accomplishing goals and set tasks
  • retreats and reflections
  • appreciating emotionally moving photographs
  • having time for others
  • other people finding time for me
  • writing poems
  • rereading old notes and letters
  • lyrical poetry
  • random acts of kindness
  • undisturbed spacing out moments
  • taking plane trips on business class for free
  • discovering new songs with fantastic lyrics
  • looking for gifts to buy for people i like
  • cultivating new interests
  • makeovers
  • sleepovers  and slumber parties
  • being treated out for coffee
  • sleepless nights 😉
  • making up stories for fun
  • trips to the salon and spa for relaxation
  • hanging out in a peaceful and cozy ambiance
  • stand up comics
  • comics
  • soft baked oatmeal cookies
  • warm hugs from people i like
  • taste and scent of cinnamon
  • movie marathons (this is rare though)
  • listening to other people’s brilliant and unconventional ideas
  • witnessing magic and miracles
  • making someone else’s dreams come true
  • having my own dreams come true
  • intellectual banters
  • shy, withdrawn and ‘different’ individuals
  • being inspired by beauty
  • romantic oddities
  • getting drunk and laughing the night away
  • taking control and being in control
  • selfless and sometimes foolish pride
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    8 thoughts on “Happiness Bank

    1. kampi says:

      siguradong ako ang tinutukoy mo dito: (hahaha!!!)
      # interesting and intimate conversations (o ha! ilang araw din tayong mag-seatmates nun ah)
      # sms, notes, emails that inspire or make me smile/laugh (napapatawa kita, aminin mo…)
      # making someone else happy (napapatawa mo ako…)
      # just hanging around doing nothing (eh ano pa nga ba yung nangyari nung nag-seatmates tayo, di ba nag-scribble lang tayo?)
      # having someone to listen to me without judgment (o, damin mong nakwento sa akin ha…)
      # good old happy memories (of course, i know you miss me soooo much na!)
      # recieving sincere compliments (i never fail to tell you how smart you are)
      # learning new and valuable things (o ha, aminin mong may natutunan ka din sa akin…)
      # keeping in touch with family and friends (chatmates din tayo noh…)
      # meeting new and interesting people (admit it, you find me intresting…)
      # realizing that I am blessed (because of my presence)
      # random acts of kindness (i am super kind kaya to you…)
      # undisturbed spacing out moments (i love it more when you are quiet and not makulit… hahaha!!!)
      # making up stories for fun (o ha! formation 1-2-3-4… walang makakatinag dun!)
      # comics (kikomachine!!!)
      # shy, withdrawn and ‘different’ individuals (shy ako… and different…)
      # being inspired by beauty (alam ko naman na maganada ako eh… hahaha!!!)

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