Random Things

Tagged by Kristel dela Paz (in FB)

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with at least 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.


1. The first book I can remember being interested in was Edith Hamilton’s Mythology in Prep. Hahaha.
2. I went to an exclusive Catholic school for girls for ten years.
3. My first real ambition was to become a therapist, then a fashion designer, before settling for a business course. I also wanted to be an engineer. I ended up in Psychology, though.
4. I love peanut butter and strawberry jam on wheat bread. I love peanut butter gelato. I love peanut butter with chocolates. I love peanut butter. Period.
5. My family’s in San Jose, CA. I’m planning to stay in Manila..just a tad bit longer.
6. I spent all my savings on my trips last 2008– Singapore, US, HK and Bangkok. Hahaha.
7. Plans for Ph.D. is currently on hold because of the economic slump.
8. Pond’s Age Miracle works better for me than Olay Total Effects
9. Sushi = Love.
10. My hair never went past two inches below my shoulders.
11. I have a gap in my lower set of teeth.
12. Ask and I shall reply.
13. Privacy = Intimacy
14. I enjoy shopping by myself.
15. I like make up but I’m not patient enough to put it on.
16. I roll my eyes a lot. =b
17. Silence is comforting.
18. I started keeping poems I’ve written in 6th grade.
19. I organize my playlist regularly — sometimes by genre, other times by era/period in time. I have also organized it by people I associate some songs with. Loool. (that’s lol with a drool. hahaha.)
20. FB addict.
21. When I do watch TV, it’s usually a sitcom or a crime/detective series.
22. I cry when I want to. And that’s not too often.
23. Poker face makes people crazy. I drive my sisters crazy when I do that.
24. Sarcasm is witty.
25. Curiosity hasn’t killed me yet.

One thought on “Random Things

  1. hamzack says:

    Nice reading ur posts.
    Pls can I follow ur posts so that whenever u blogs I can read that. Is that facility available here as in blogspot.

    Waiting for ur reply

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