Moments of Truth

In our lifetime, we get to have moments of truth — experiences that have defined the way we live our lives today. We get to discover certain truths within ourselves only in times of defeat, crisis, sorrow, pain and suffering. When we get to experience something tragic, depressing, traumatic, and the like, these are the only times we get to pause and think about what is really happening in our lives. We rarely examine the quality of life we’re living when we are okay, managing, coping, all the more when we are successful, triumphant, ecstatic and victorious.

We do not discover much valuable truth when we pass all of our exams, but we suddenly become wiser when we fail and commit numerous mistakes. We cannot see the reason why we become euphoric at the feeling of being in love, but we suddenly become philosophers when that love is unrequited or when we experience a break up. We do not think about why we deserve all of our triumphs and successes, but we easily look for people and circumstances to blame, when we are defeated. We do not analyze the dreams we have when they are pleasant and merely hope they all come true, but we pause to think about the nightmares and the fear that it might be a distant reality. We become relaxed and laid back, when we have accomplished our goals and targets, but we suddenly recognize the value of the people who have helped us when experience loss and defeats.

All of these moments tell us that life is what we make it, despite all the circumstances and obstacles that we have to face. So we should not be complacent that while things seem to work out alright, we should be prepared with the truths that are valuable in helping us along the way. Experience is the best teacher, so they say. So we must live our lives with eyes wide open, ready to embrace the world and enjoy the moments.


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