The First and the Endless

I wanted to find out why firsts are special: first love, first crush, first words uttered by babies, first heartbreak, first teeth, among a thousand other firsts. So I decided to rely on the infamous internet and was surprised to find that there was a graphic novel that ran from 2000 to 2004 about the firsts. Having read the Wiki article on it, I was reminded of the Endless siblings in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. And although they are not similar in the common aspects, they certainly have some touch points. They are both god-like, in a sense that they have superpowers in their own realms.

But going back to my original thought bubble, what is it about firsts that make them so easily accessible to memory (especially if we consider them extraordinary). Perhaps it is the thrill of the novelty. After all, most new things and experiences leas us to associate it with something exciting or pleasurable. It could also be that the firsts are like milestones. After all, breakthroughs are something to rejoice about. Or could it be that since there is no basis of comparison yet, we tend to over-evaluate the first thing/event in terms of their good side? Well whatever it is, I hope to be enlightened about this query in the near future.

For the meantime, i shall have to be content in exploring all the other firsts that are yet to come. After all, I am not an endless being. And having this one lifetime to live, it is possible to have a shortage of firsts, if I stop exploring what is out there.


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