Fortune Listening

We have highly selective sensory experiences, that at times:

  • we only see what we want to see
  • we only listen to what we want to hear
  • we only recall experiences we don’t like to forget.

Oddly, there are also times when we:

  • cannot find what we want so much to see
  • cannot understand what is being said to us despite our desperate attempts to listen
  • cannot forget things we’d rather not remember.

Despite our efforts to come up with the words, to infer from the silences, and to be keenly observant to behaviors and gestures, we will never really fully comprehend whatever message is intended for us.


    2 thoughts on “Fortune Listening

    1. cat says:

      and i think i know what this is about.

      🙂 the world is indeed full of options.

      we have what we call selective amnesia too.

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