I had to revamp this as I suddenly had to revisit the post. Even then, I still suppose we will all be better with people who..

  1. share our faith and are eager to grow with us spiritually
  2. are God fearing, patient, kind and forgiving: humble to admit a fault and are accountable for their actions
  3. uphold the value of truth: who are honest with themselves and to others
  4. love us passionately but are still able to think and act rationally
  5. are able to propose and faithfully keep a commitment
  6. are not afraid to admit they need us and will be there for us come what may
  7. accept, understand and respect the persons we are, and who we want to be; encourage and support us to be the best that we can be, even if it requires change
  8. are resilient — who are not afraid to take risks and rejections, and are able to make and be firm in their decisions
  9. are socially aware and morally responsible in dealing with their lives and with others
  10. can be independent and still be considerate of what others think and feel
  11. have an insatiable curiosity: eagerness to understand what was,  learn what is, and explore what is still to come
  12. have a grateful heart: happily content with what is, yet hopeful that tomorrow will be better
  13. are able to communicate well: who really listen and are brave enough to express themselves in thoughts, feelings and actions, risking their vulnerability
  14. who make us happy and are happy to be with us — have sensible humor and let their guards down with us
  15. can make time for us no matter how busy they can get because we are more important than anything else in their world

i guess it’s a tall order..but it is very much possible to have someone that we can actually share our lives with. remember though, that we cannot ask for something we are not prepared to give ourselves. in the end, we cannot really ask for perfection, no matter how hard we strive for it. and it is only fair to give back what we want so much to receive.


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