My Proverbial Alphabet

  1. A little remorse is better than a thousand sorry’s.
  2. Bitterness springs from something that used to be sweet.
  3. Commitment is such as loaded word.
  4. Do we really have to think about everything we have to think about?
  5. Everyday is an adventure waiting to happen.
  6. Finally, people are beginning to accept that life is never fair.
  7. Gravity is overrated.
  8. Humanity is just another species of evolution.
  9. I is the most self-centered letter of the alphabet.
  10. Just because you hear me now doesn’t prove that you have been listening all along.
  11. Knowing what the future will bring kills the thrill of anticipating it.
  12. Lies are also the snippets of truth withheld.
  13. Memory banks of people also require to be scanned and defragmented.
  14. Neverland is a woman’s worst nightmare.
  15. Odd as it may seem, we have the ability to conceive incomprehensible ideas.
  16. Persuasion is a trick meant to deceive.
  17. Quiet is the new loud. (borrowed from the King of Convenience’s album name)
  18. Reality bites, stings and in a few instances, could be fatal.
  19. Sometimes is the arbitrary divider of the continuum of always and never.
  20. Tell people the ugly truth and they will cry, so will telling them the beautiful truth.
  21. Useless information is what I call the lessons they teach in most schools.
  22. Violence is unnatural, if we are made in the image and likeness of God.
  23. Wheels that spin are magnificent to watch but confusing to understand.
  24. eXperience is what we get when we dare to try anything.
  25. You will never be me.
  26. Zoning out is not exclusive to autism.

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