Traveling has been a metaphor for living. Oftentimes we feel at a loss in the path we are taking that we seemingly move in circles all this time. Sometimes, we get to find ourselves at crossroads and we suddenly get confused where to go. And in a few instances, we find ourselves taking the off beaten path all by ourselves. This metaphor is also the very reason why we get confused about the concept of fate and destiny. If God has already made plans for us, hence our final destinations, where does free will operate then?

Some would argue that free will comes into play with the choices we make in reaching that destination. But since God is all knowing and ever present, it may seem logical to deduce that even our choices may be predetermined, right? For whatever it’s worth, I suppose we should all just take on the cliche that the journey is more important than the destination. In so doing, living a fruitful life means we have to live it the best way we could, no matter where the roads lead us.


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