Teach Me

They say that teaching is a noble profession — it requires patience, understanding, commitment and a lot of work whilst getting so little in return. It is quite depressing that it seems to have lost the respect it should be accorded to. Not every student will be fond of their teachers, and even if they do, some of them will not think of their mentors as highly as they should have. Teaching should be able to inspire every student to achieve what they dream for themselves. It is a vocation that calls for integrity and dedication in molding the learners to grow in a positive direction and become productive members of the society.

It is interesting to note that upon observation, there seems to be a lesser number of great teachers nowadays. Proof of this would be merely asking any alumnus/alumnae of a school who has a child/relative studying in the same institution now, and you will most likely hear something like, the recent graduates seem to be less smarter than the graduates of their time. In this light, it is often noted that the quality of teachers the school has, seems to be of a poorer quality too. Realizing this, it affirms that most of what a student will become in the future lies in the hands of a good teacher.

I suppose that anyone who aspires to become a teacher should be applauded for their nobility. However, they should also undergo a serious and rigorous training for they will become responsible for the kind of citizens we will have in the future. Both competencies and character should be taken into account before anyone can be given a license to teach. If we are to continue hoping that the future will be brighter than it appears now, perhaps we should start with the kind of educators we will have in a system that seems to have lost its integrity and responsibility.


2 thoughts on “Teach Me

    • sang says:

      puro hs teachers..yung isa, si mr. rosauro andres estipona encinas, who motivated and encouraged me to think critically..tapos si mrs. collado and ms. guzman na hindi ko na alam ang surname nung nag asawa, who instilled my love for math.

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