Inside My Head

I peeked into my mind today without knowing how and why it happened.

Cautiously I tried to pry into the crevices of the lobes that I didn’t really take note of recalling — useless information is what I call them. Ever so carefully searching through the creases and convolutions of the human mind, I found an interesting cornucopia of flashes of light and glimpses of shadows.

Stopping by one corner, I noticed memories stacked upon one another like neatly piled photo albums conveniently bundled. Of course, there were heaps that were thrust back into the darker corners, inviting cobwebs to cover them all up so as never to be seen again; yet, there were likewise bundles that shone brightly and looked ever so radiant and new.

People and places are scattered all over — as they come in association with objects, scents, tastes and sensations that produce an imprint on the stacks of piled memories. Loosely threaded to one another, I ever so carefully analyzed the twists and tangles of fragile strings that hold them together. Perhaps this is why it is difficult to forget some events or even people when everything seems to remind us of them.

Data and static information are neatly stored and organized in what seemed like flash drives for retention and recovery. I wonder where I can find the lessons I have learned regarding life in general. As the thought crossed my mind, a foggy cloud like substance hovered over several parts of the brain. And after a while, it disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. Insights seem to come and go like gushes of wind that blow in certain directions to direct our sails. Maybe this is why we sometimes think we never learn.

I peeked into my mind today without knowing how and why it happened.


2 thoughts on “Inside My Head

  1. sang says:

    thanks for liking. i found it ‘bitin’ though. 🙂
    perhaps i should’ve untangled the bundles..but then might become a short story already. lol.

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