On Parked Cars and Passenger Seats

Life is like a long ride to nowhere.

We are all but travelers in search for a worthwhile destination. Some of us plan before leaving, while others just take on the journey. Some of us want to take the backseat, and some of us want to have a feel of the steering wheel. Some of us want to travel alone, but we end up meeting other people along the way anyway. Yet some of us want to go with other people, but along the way, end up being alone. No matter how hard we try to plan to make the best of it, we cannot control everything.

Traveling can be costly, but it can also be cheap. It can be exciting, but it also can be very tiring. Luckily, we always have the option to take the shoulders and take a rest on the side of the road when we feel like it. Other times, we seemed press for time and cannot afford to waste precious moments until we arrive at our destinations.

But the destinations are never really terminal. We would always want to find our way back home. Perhaps we never really have to desperately search for a destination to make the trip worth our while. And maybe this is the reason why people say we should just enjoy the journey, because eventually, what matters is going back to where we really belong.

And the place we call home, is where we will always end up in.


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