The Married Lifestyle

The readings for today’s mass pertain to the sanctity of the union of a man and a woman under the covenant of marriage. The sermon was quite entertaining but I found a lot of his arguments flawed. I couldn’t help but react which led my cousin to tease me that I wasn’t exactly fond of the topic. On the contrary, I am fascinated by it.

With the years catching up on me, I still cannot tell for myself if married life is for me. I know that I can commit myself to anything, or anyone for that matter as long as I make up my mind about it.  But commitment is the least of my concerns. Married life is a lifestyle change that involves the overlapping of selves of two individuals who are still out to discover their own potentials and capabilities. And this makes the leap scary, to say the least.

Perhaps this is why we call it ‘married life’ — it is a vocation that calls for sacrifice, commitment and love to reap the rewards of fulfillment, productivity and bliss.


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