Anti – Noise

I remember a teacher I had in high school whose favorite reprimand is, “Ang lata..kapag walang laman, maingay.” (A can, when empty creates much noise.) I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of a rattling can in comparison to useless and constant yakking of most people. I have noticed that a lot of people are uncomfortable with silence — and complain that it is actually deafening. It is sad that people fail to appreciate the difference between the comfort that stillness brings and the silence that is accompanied by the emptiness they feel. And of course, the irony that emptiness can create noise, while fullness indicates a quiet substance.

Silent waters run deep is another adage that sounds similar to this. Shallowness inevitably causes a loud gush that may be inevitable for rivers, much like with people. Just because they couldn’t stand the shallowness and emptiness they feel isn’t enough license to create murmurs and outlandish behaviors to cover them up. Noise is still a pollutant. I hope that these people realize that.



4 thoughts on “Anti – Noise

  1. kampi says:

    I guess people just need to realize how much they can accomplish when they are silent.

    But then again, I still have to get used to being silent. Sooo hard!!! :))

  2. mrbrightside says:

    “If I lay here… if I just lay here… would you lie with me and just forget the world…” – Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol 😉

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