The Rush Rash

Time is a valuable commodity that each of us has to learn to maximize. Remember the adage that time is gold? There is some truth to it because in essence, we cannot control it. Still, careful consideration must be exercised in order to avoid costly mistakes. Time, like life, is linear — we have no other recourse but to move forward so I suppose it is only logical that we try to make the most of our now.

There is no need to rush anything, despite the apparent lack of time to make valuable decisions. We shall pass this way but once, so it is only practical to make sure that we have been careful in deliberating the choices w have to take. Prudence is not only a virtue, but a skill that has to be exercised deliberately to make a wise discernment.


2 thoughts on “The Rush Rash

  1. kampi says:

    i wish EVERYONE would have the same perspective as you do. 🙂 argh! so what do you think of people who make other people rush? :))

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