Suspending Disbelief

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are brilliant. I love them both because they are successful in convincing me to doubt the fictionality(?) of the characters and the story line. Both Celine and Jesse are very tangible, and yet have qualities in them that make them unreal too.

I remember the character of Jesse saying, “People have these romantic projections they put on everything.” And this is precisely why I have come to adore the movie — the romantic projection it puts across to the viewers that make them reminisce and think about love and relationships and those magical moments we all aspire to hold on to.

This is not a movie review, nor a critique about the story or the characters: it’s transcending the movie. In fact, I think it is true that we all aspire to project a certain romanticism in our lives. Precisely why this generation has the emo culture — pain is what makes humans feel they are alive — and this is still, nevertheless, very romantic.

Its just sad that what makes the special moments extraordinary are suspended in the fragments of spaces between two people trying to connect with each other. The magic is never within the individuals — it is in the energy that is created between them — that spark or chemistry that is very accessible to the senses but very incomprehensible to the sane mind. And so we all have to succumb to a little dose of insanity to veer away from the boredom called everyday life.

I wish, so dearly, to experience a movie in my own life.


3 thoughts on “Suspending Disbelief

  1. Jo says:

    I love your post!

    … makes me want to watch the movies again…Besides that, what you said is true… about pain, romance…. but still we want “a movie in my own life….”

    … it’s sad, it’s deep…. it’s thought provoking… made me want to look at my own relationship.

    ..naiisip ko tuloy if the extraordinary moments are between us only or it’s within us….

  2. sang says:

    thanks sa sapilitang pagbasa. hahaha. and for the effort to copy paste. lol. i just thought you will be able to appreciate this that’s why i asked you to read it.

    btw, good luck with the in-laws. lol.

  3. mrbrightside says:

    yep masarap mabuhay sa loob ng isang pelikula lalo na kung ikaw yung bida tapos katambal mo yung crush mo, kilig to the bones… panalo 😉

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