I came across this as I was browsing over the net, and was posted as a status of one of my cousins. Curiosity got me so I had to find out what it’s all about. It turns out to be: COT + C = change over time plus continuity. And then it hit me, must be some difficult essay to write!

I remember a favorite line from Darwin (yeah, the evolutionist), that it is not the strongest nor the most intelligent species that survives, it is the one most responsive to change. He did not specify nor qualify the response required in order to survive. I could only surmise it is a positive response, but what if the response is evasive, like walking away?

There are times when we feel trapped by the circumstances we are in. Other times, we are pressed to make decisions that require snappy judgments. Nevertheless, I would like to believe that leaving the status quo is still a useful response to ensure survival. After all, we must choose our battles wisely. Winning isn’t always grappling the opponent — sometimes, outsmarting them by leaving the game is the best way to survive.

So to have continuity, despite the changes over time, requires nifty tact and prudent decisions.


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