Twenty Ten this is purportedly the 100th post..i thought of welcoming 2010 with a bucketful of wishes..

January – Unbroken Promises

At the onset, I wish that all promises made this year will be kept, as it is supposed to be. Keeping word is the surest way to develop integrity. This is particularly true and timely for the electoral processes as we all anticipate changes this year.

February – Unconditional Love

For this month that is made more popular through the commercialization of valentine, I wish that everyone experiences unconditional love even for a day. This will more likely happen if we also learn to love ourselves in the same manner.

March – Unwavering Faith

As the Lenten season approaches, this is the best time to renew and rekindle our faith. This is likewise timely for all students who hope for a miracle to graduate on time.

April – Reconnected Friendships

It is always favorable to keep in touch and stay in touch with the people we value the most — our friends. I wish that all friendships will blossom and that new ones will also be formed and nurtured.

May – Unbridled Enthusiasm

Midyear may lead us to experience boredom and monotony so I wish that we will all be inspired with enthusiasm to embrace life with a curious child’s POV.

June – Unparalleled Learning

This is often the start of the school year, and for those who are not in school anymore, we should all be reminded that life is a continuous learning process. A lifetime is never enough for trials and errors.

July – Unsurpassed Joy

This month marks the start of the season of downpour. Rain is a vital source of life and joy, even if  it sometimes turns into disaster when it becomes a typhoon. Joy is never circumstantial.

August – Restructured Patriotism

I wish that we will all realize what it means to be a Filipino. Whatever will be the outcome of the elections should only inspire us to be the better people than we already are.

September – Unalterable Patience

Patience is a very testing virtue. I can only wish for it everyday. Enough said.

October – Undeniable Beauty

Beauty is relative on the outside, but is universal on the inside. Beautiful people are not difficult to recognize if we only know how to look at the parameters of real beauty.

November – Understated and Quiet Confidence

Calmness amidst the storm is the best way to deal with any crisis. Serenity is a gift.

December – Renewed Hope

As the year closes, may we all be grateful for what has passed and look forward to the days ahead.


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