Calculated Design

Everything in the universe, including the other galaxies are supposedly purposefully designed. Yet, there will always be skeptics, particularly the evolutionists and quantum physicist or some mathematicians that would argue differently. It is not comforting to know that everything is a mere product of some random collision of bodies of energies. Nor is it appeasing to think that our ancestral makeup came about from primates. So creationists assert that there is a designer that skillfully crafted everything there was, everything there is, and everything we have yet to find out. However, there is no tangible, rational proof that this designer exists in the real world. But really, what is real?  Science and philosophy have never been amicable towards each other.

In the meantime, I would like to believe that everything is  creatively and purposefully placed where they are. Despite the seeming existence of randomness in scientific calculations, particularly in the quantum level, we still cannot disregard how brilliantly Einstein was able to discover the general relativity of every single detail in this and in the outer worlds. As he cleverly put it, “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.” I say amen to that.


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