Oh That Day!

I would like to believe that everything happens for a reason. Change is something inevitable, but becomes truly valuable when we figure out the reason why people and things change. When we do not live purposefully, everything else becomes mundane and boring. We will not be able to appreciate beauty and depth without realizing the purpose of anything.

In this light, people that walk in and out of our lives have particular goals that they may not be aware of. So it is much likely that we will have more difficulty understanding why they have to cross our lives. Nevertheless, people leave because they have fulfilled their purpose of meeting us. Conversely, people stay because they still have a reason for sticking around. So it is futile to pine for what is lost, and instead just cherish what is left and whatever there is.

So in the season of romantic shenanigans, most have been whining about their apparent singleness. Maybe single awareness is also a time to reflect on the people who are still with us. Single awareness would often lead you to realize that you are not really alone in this life, no matter how lonely you feel. No man is an island. Be thankful and cherish whoever is around, even if they are not the ones you think you need.


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