The beauty of excerpts is that it gives us a glimpse of what is in store for us. It allows us to take a peek into the patches that make up the whole story so we can decide if we are to give it more time and consideration should it tickle our fancy. However, the problem with excerpts is that it can never tell us the whole story, no matter how accurately it tries to attempt to warn us of things to come.

If in these brief moments of encounter we are to spend with random strangers and acquaintances, limit us to what we can possibly know of them, what is the assurance that we will come to like what we will see? Conversely, what if our prejudgments and preconceived notions fail to give us a reasonable assessment of people, wouldn’t it be such a a waste to just let it pass us by?

Excerpts are the only things I am allowing  myself to share with you. You must take the risk to invest time and resources to find out if the trailer gives justice to the film.


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