Family Feud

I wonder why we often assume that people who matter to us will be able to understand us, no matter what. This is why we often take people who love us for granted, because we assume that they can take all the shit we unload to them. I remember the most recent recollection I attended which focused on brotherhood. Jesus said that the second greatest commandment is this: love your neighbor as you love yourself. And who is our neighbor? The nearest of kin would be our very own sibling, of course! Ironically, the first murder happened between brothers: Cain and Abel. Jacob tricked Esau to gain his birthright, and Joseph was sold by his own siblings for money. This probably explains why we always have sibling rivalry and fights within the family.

It is just sad that we fail to notice that in all battles within families, no one ever really wins. While it is painstakingly difficult to accept our own limitations, we have to be more open minded in taking in other people’s weaknesses. Love embraces everything. A little sacrifice may lead to greater happiness if we let it.


2 thoughts on “Family Feud

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