Speak Up

I need some thoughts here: what will you do, given a second chance at that turning point in your life?


9 thoughts on “Speak Up

  1. JP says:

    Given a second chance?? Siguro po, I would still choose things the way they happened.. 😀 ehehe I’d still choose the same decisions, and repeat what my life was.. hehe isa lang siguro ang SOBRANG i-tatry kong baguhin.. ang pagiging petix sa pag-aaral non.. hehe

  2. Wesley says:

    since every choice we made is a turning point in our life, i guess it’s really hard to know what to do with a second chance. it’s like a genie appearing in front of you and giving you only 1 wish instead of 3. however, unlike wishes, which you can wish to have more wishes, 2nd chances is a bit harder to have especially since the chances we used is a turning point already. one wrong move, and your life is upside down and in a disarray.

    but then, life is an adventure, and we only live once, so i’ll take it and see where it will leads me.. ^_^

  3. If I had a second chance for all my mistakes,I will grab it because from where I stand now I know it was a mistake and mistakes ought to be corrected

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