How To Appear Busy

  1. Put your serious face on and concentrate on what you’re doing  even if they’re nonsensical stuff. (ex. fixing your bag or desk..)
  2. When someone tries to get your attention, ignore them for a couple of times, i.e., pretend not to hear them the first time they call your name or look past them.
  3. When you do give them your attention, act as if you were a little annoyed that they have disrupted you from doing something important.
  4. Try not to smile no matter how funny you feel you look like.
  5. Pretend to be in deep thought by resting your forehead on your hands and occasionally scratching your scalp while “thinking.”
  6. Grab a pen and paper and write something with great energy or gusto, even if they’re trivial stuff (like making a list of how to appear
  7. Always have a serious book on hand/at your disposal. Just pretend reading it even if you’ re actually  daydreaming while covering your face with the book.

That’s all for now. Trust me, they work most of the time. 🙂


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