You’re So Vain (you prolly think this is for you)

My dearest,

There were times when I wanted so much to tell you how I feel about you..too many times when I wanted to reach out and hold your hand..but I was paralyzed with fear. This is just one of the hundred times I have decided to pour out the thoughts that go with the feelings that are left untold..

  1. Don’t ask me how or why I feel the way I do, I don’t have the answers but all these feelings are true.
  2. You  keep telling me we’re friends, but are we really? I feel that you are just saying that to convince yourself that it’s all we ever will be.
  3. I’ve been convincing myself that I can take this love unrequited, but I keep wishing it isn’t.
  4. It’s not our differences that set us apart, just the words left unsaid. I do not regret the times I have spent pining for you, but I wish I had the courage to let you know that I do.
  5. I keep hoping you are not the reason why I have not taken anybody else in.
  6. I never really understood why you keep putting me up on a pedestal when I’d rather be just beside you.
  7. I do not recall I was able to thank you for anything, but I am truly grateful.
  8. You have no idea what I put myself through just to control the feelings I have for you.
  9. I still fear who I could become when I’m with you.
  10. Which is to say, that after all this time, I still have not forgotten what I feel for you..but I haven’t changed my mind about not wanting to be with you.

Hey, it’s just me.


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