Everyday is a Choice We Make

Decisions are part of our everyday life. The minute we choose to get out of bed upon waking up may seem like a habit, but is still a choice.  What to eat, what to wear, whether we should groom ourselves or not, are part of a routine that involve decision making. Which is to say that all circumstances we find ourselves in leads us to a decision point. So no matter how happy or how miserable our life is now, we have a choice to perpetuate it or re-route and take a different course.

What makes decision making easy is the options available or presented to us. It is that point that is neither too little or too much..which is very subjective and arbitrary. Options are influenced by our own contextual preferences and even cultural upbringing. For example, in the west, independence is viewed as a value that needs to be inculcated in the minds of the young. So even at an early age, they are allowed to choose for themselves what they want to wear, or what they want to do, etc. In the east, however, it is different. The patriarchy is very well established and respected in this culture. So choices are usually influenced by parents or other authority figures.

Guidance is always welcome, no matter what decision we have to make. I think the critical point at which our options facilitate our decision making process is the meaning we put to the options made available for us. This is probably why the religious, even if they seem to be fatalistic, have it easier when they have to choose hope over misery.


3 thoughts on “Everyday is a Choice We Make

  1. sea.stars.moon says:

    i certainly agree. thoughts are well articulated.
    i also had a similar introspection about decision making –
    there is a wide array of considerations and perspectives in looking at things and how it relates and eventually impact to our decisions. But in the end, the ultimate measure I think is – the aftermath of the very choice we made.

    • sang says:

      hi! nice nick btw.

      just a thought: the consequence of our decisions is, for me, not a measure of how well we were able to take and execute the best option at a particular time..because no one can really tell what will happen if we chose otherwise. so for me, whatever decision we make at a certain point in our lives, may be the best option there is.

      • sea.stars.moon says:

        thanks.. it’s a courtesy of a friend.

        yeah, because we can never turn back time and choose anew
        if the first one we did fail..

        i’d been following your articles since your blog site was introduced to me.
        i really had fun reading and learning from your thoughts..

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