Festina Lente

Life is not a function of time, nor is it the other way around. In our futile efforts to “make the most” out of our existence, we often fail to savor the different degrees of flavor life has to offer. Perhaps because maximizing opportunities and rushing through the moments are how we define “living life to the fullest.”

This is not to say that it is wrong to be a capitalist, in the loose sense of the word. But Augustus may have been wise in saying, “Make haste slowly.” Although this may be interpreted in two different directions, I would surmise it is more accurately referring to not rushing things as if time was our enemy. I could not count the times I have heard people, and I am also sometimes guilty of saying, “How time flies!” But if we try to slow down, just a bit, from our daily activities, we may realize that time is just there sitting.

Living has so much to offer so I don’t see the need to rush it. Take a moment to breathe.

  1. Sleep is vital to our health. We are biologically wired to sleep at night, so we must try to make ways to sleep at night, and not in the wee hours of the morning. We must also strive to get no less than six, but no more than eight hours of zzzz’s.
  2. Never rush the morning. You won’t need to if you were able to follow the first step. When you are able to sleep at least by ten in the evening, you may wake up as early as four in the morning, if need be. Allow yourself to have a few minutes of appreciation for the opportunity of waking up to witness yet another morning.
  3. When eating, take small bites and chew them well. Notice the color, delight in the aroma and savor the texture and the flavor of whatever it is you put in your mouth. This is why sometimes it can be rewarding to eat by yourself, because you will not be pressured to keep up with whoever you’re eating with.
  4. Take long baths. No matter how cold the weather is, this is your moment for sanctuary. Baths should be relaxing and not stressful.
  5. At the end of the day, no matter how tired you may feel, pause for a few minutes to reflect on the events of the day. Find something to be grateful for. If you can, write down significant moments that you want to cherish. Memories are our greatest treasures.

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