Beyond Affectionate Woes

Woe betide if you think this is about me..or that it’s for you.

“ has been apparent that despite the chaos of juggling roles and seemingly endless responsibilities..there is still that emptiness that sometimes nudges itself into the picture of the perfect world calmly settled in your brings about a chill that makes the hair in your neck stand up..just a little..not a lot..enough to make you notice the shiver that goes down your spine..and then suddenly time grinds into a halt..and for a second or so..the moment feels like eternity..the sensation drowns you and overwhelms whatever is left of reason..and then the emptiness becomes reality..for that split second of a moment..until you catch yourself floating.. nature would have it..gravity pulls you in..back to the time-space you were in a few moments ago..”

Would you rather fly forever or be eternally grounded?


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