The Thrill of Goodbye

If there is anything that propels me to do more and be more, I have come to notice that it is the anticipation of an ending. Where people usually feel sad or wistful when the time for endings have to come, the opposite happens to me. I surmise that the risk seems lesser when one knows the current arrangement/situation will definitely end. Maybe it is the liberty of not having to live up to future expectations — when you start doing more things, you are not burdened to keep it up or do more since you will be leaving anyway, or that things will drastically change anyway. And goodbyes are always opportunities for hope of something better, with a calculated assurance that you will eventually leave everything behind.


So hello, goodbye. Thank you for making life more exciting for the next couple of months.


3 thoughts on “The Thrill of Goodbye

  1. But it’s sad, isn’t it? But, it’s true in a way. It’s better that we don’t expect anything so that goodbyes, when they come, won’t be as painful.

  2. mrbrightside. says:

    is it like saying, “you’ve got nothing to lose anymore since everything will eventually (surely) come to an end anyway” when your almost close to saying goodbye ? 😉

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