I Miss TV

Funny how I recall the days when I used to have an affair with television. It was one of the early reasons why I stayed up late at night even when I was still in first or second grade. There were a lot of shows to watch back then. I practically know the schedule of the prime time block in every channel. The advent of the UHF channels when I was in high school brought much delight to my audiovisual senses, although they were mostly asian channels, and were the precursors of home cable. Until I reached college, I was still pretty much hooked on the tube. Yet, for about ten years now, the affair just fizzled out.

I have yet to see a program that would appeal to my addiction switch. Upon the advent of the internet, television just seemed so limited, I guess. I barely watch any show these days..even movies lack their usual appeal. This i not exactly a rant post, but I really miss having a solid relationship with television. Sure I still get to watch some shows a couple of times but it’s not the same as before. I wish I knew the answer to this..maybe it’s the shows..the programming,,the celebrities..or maybe it’s just me.

I really do miss finding a regular audiovisual delight, sans the internet.


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