The Comfort of the Twilight Zone

It takes a different kind of courage to go out of your way and try new things. Taking the road less familiar brings mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety, ever anticipating a fork on the road that will lead to a new adventure or a difficult barrier. Yet, a change in routine is a welcome pit stop, else you’re stuck in a rut. The mundane, no matter how comforting, will always lead to boredom.

Although it’s been a while since I have posted anything on this blog, it is reassuring to realize that I have moved out of my head and has gotten more in touch with the world outside of my mind. Perhaps the hiatus in writing was a needed break to move to me finally clear my thoughts and express my ideas to people I can actually see and touch (albeit this form of expression does not necessarily mean there is less human interaction as it is in real life).

The world outside of my comfort zone is surreal but tangible. Some are shallow but enjoyable, others deep and intriguing, but mostly decent and concrete. So I have set forth to continue this journey into the unknown, with eyes wide open and a grin on my silly face.



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