How Do You Know

I was able to catch How Do You Know twice this weekend on cable. It is supposedly a romantic comedy about love and relationships. Incidentally, I was recently asked a question by a student, “How many dates is it safe to say that you are officially entering the courtship stage?” How do I know? I think it is dangerous to assume anything especially in dealing with romantic relationships.

In the era where connection is limited to technology, and where intimacy is often rushed, it has been more challenging to find out whether a relationship is in the offing. After all, casual dating and hook ups seem to be the norm. How does one gauge his or her own readiness for a commitment?

While it is true that we are never really going to be prepared for anything, I suppose that one needs to just spend considerable time to make a choice. It really doesn’t matter how long it takes or how short, but a serious consideration of the person involved, a deliberate identification of the responsibilities one has to take, and a will to make and stand by a decision should guide you in pursuing that relationship with someone.

Of course, things are not that easy. If they were, I wouldn’t even have thought much about it and put it into writing. 🙂


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