They say we only regret the chances we did not take. I think this is too general a statement and figure there are derivatives to this cliche. To take a chance is to take a risk — and to risk is to gamble against the odds.

What makes people take risks? Certainly the odds, no matter how we try to study and calculate them, will always be beyond our knowing and control. They say risk-takers ignore fear or have very little of it.. but they could also be aware of this fear yet simply refuse to be handicapped by it. Maybe they have recognized that despite the fear of losing and failing, the gain is much more meaningful than the odds.

In the end, the chances we do not take may also mean decisions we take too long to make; relationships we are hesitant to start; adventures we keep postponing to take; thoughts and feelings we keep to ourselves; staying instead of moving forward because it feels safe in our comfort zone; and being stubborn to resist change.

Of course, life is not a game of lottery that entails constant engagement of risk-taking. All I’m saying is that it is short and limited, and that if opportunity presents itself, maybe we have to work on a little more courage to make it more worthwhile.


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