Choosing Wisely

Clock keeps ticking propelling time to continuously move forward. But sometimes we find ourselves seemingly stuck at a warped area of ambiguity — partly wanting to go back in retrospect; another part refusing to move and wants to keep still; yet another part convincing us to move along with the current of time. And the more we take our time figuring out what we really want, the more difficult it gets to make our choice because we consider feelings and circumstances that are often arbitrary and temporary. Even if conventional wisdom suggests a balance between the heart and mind is ideal, I suppose this is still relative. I tried taking into account more feelings but it just didn’t work in the long run. I kept battling with the discomfort of rational reasoning gnawing inside me. Decisions are never easy to make if one wants to remain faithful to oneself. This is why patience and integrity are virtues we can only aspire for but never really have. As for me, I think I shall put back the restraint on feelings and live with the reality that a thinking person will almost always rely entirely on rational judgment to be able to live with the decision he/she will make.


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