Funny how the scientific method is a general template for everything there is. Even to something as personal and as subjective as an awakening follows the same process.

It starts with a sense of some recognition — an acknowledgement of the thoughts and feelings that has been lingering for awhile but is kept pushed aside. Like Pandora’s box, they spring forth out into the open for the taking. This is the time when you begin to realize things that have been right under your nose all along but were to preoccupied to notice. Eerily similar to identifying a problem and formulating your hypothesis. Then you move towards a stage of analysis. This is where you employ your methodologies and test your ideas to check the consequences of the options available for you. Sometimes, we get stuck in this phase because we expect certain results to happen. But we must keep in mind that there are always two kinds of hypotheses — the null and the alternative. No matter how much we want to  prove the other, to obtain a contradicting result is still a valid result. So even if we want so badly for something to work, if it won’t, it doesn’t mean it is a failure. Lastly, you reach the part where you have to make a decision. The conclusion of an episode always involves a renouncement. This is why we can never have everything all at at the same time.

Like any process, as soon as it comes full circle, we go back to where we started. Rinse and repeat.


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